Your posture is poor, you are feeling uptight or collapsed… unable to sit, stand and move with grace in the way you know should be possible…. once was possible even.

You are looking for a drug-free approach that is more about un-doing than yet another technique ‘to do’.

If this is you, I can help you….


Change is possible at any age.

I have been teaching Alexander Technique for nearly three decades and have taught people from many walks of life and many ages. Most people arrive in my teaching room feeling dissatisfied with how their body feels, looks or functions and are looking for help.

it is usually the case that they have come to a gradual realisation that there is no magic cure-all pill and at the same time have started to wonder whether change could be possible if life-style choices are attended to.

Feeling better is the motivator…

By the time they leave their first lesson, most people’s nerves have been calmed. I get frequent reports of feeling lighter, taller, calmer and/or are in less pain. It is usually this that helps people make the decision to commit (to themselves) to a course of lessons.

Learning is a key component…

And yet, it is not just about feelings. From the first lesson, they begin to discover what it is they are unconsciously doing that is contributing to their aches, pains, stresses and poor posture and they take their first small steps towards changing their habits.


Four months ago I embarked on my Alexander Technique sessions, I found the taster session shocking, in the real sense of the word. After 20 mins on the couch, being gently arranged by my teacher, I felt unable to stand up!
Intrigued, I have continued, initially with a degree of scepticism, but now totally accepting that change is possible.
My main problems had been: a lack of balance, a painful middle back on standing for a couple of hours and right knee pain.
In such a short time I have seen an improvement in all these conditions. I am especially impressed by the reduction in pain, which was limiting my activities. I was not however prepared for another benefit - a reduction in blood pressure. After thirty years of treatment, my medication has now been significantly reduced and there is no other explanation for this improvement.
— Ann, retired hospital consultant



How did I come to be teaching the Alexander Technique?


From 1952-55 my father (Tony Spawforth) trained with Mr FM Alexander himself (known by his friends as ‘FM’). When FM died in 1955, Walter and Dilys Carrington took over the training course and my father stayed on as a student and then supporting teacher - where, ten years later he met my mother who joined as a mature student. They married, had my sister and I, and two and a half decades later, I was training at the same college!


Being a child of Alexander Teachers didn't let me off the hook. As a teenager, despite being pretty active, I had a fairly collapsed posture and an achy back. At the age of 20, whilst living abroad, I visited a training course for Alexander teachers. I was fascinated by what I saw and something clicked - I realised that the Technique had something really exciting to offer me - a way out of my habitual patterns of being. 

I decided to train at the same college my parents attended but, due to a waiting list and my young age, I had to wait three years before I could begin my three-year full-time training but never regretted a minute of waiting or training. My posture improved, my achy back disappeared, my confidence grew and I felt so much better in myself.

Benefits in later years

Now in my fifties, I am discovering just how important the Alexander Technique still is to my well-being. I am deeply grateful to have restorative practices and the awareness of how I move, react and think to support me as I start to notice the ageing process!


People of any age can learn

It is never too late to learn. Indeed, I have pupils of all ages including many pupils in their retired years who get huge benefit from their lessons. The oldest person I have taught was in her nineties!

97% of people with back pain could benefit from the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery.
— Jack Stern - Spinal Neurosurgeon

Alexander Technique - SW Wales | Penny Spawforth


Are you ready to try out the Alexander Technique for yourself?

During the ninety minute one-to-one introductory lesson we can discuss your individual needs.


An Alexander lesson often includes some table work



Based near Llandysul in SW Wales, I work with clients in-person.

We overlook the entrance to the Teifi river gorge surrounded by woodland, wildlife and birds. the house has historic connections to the spinning and weaving industry of another era and helps provide the backdrop for a restorative experience.



  • I am S.T.A.T.* qualified, fully insured and DBS-checked

  • I have 28 years of teaching experience

  • Lessons are completely practical and enjoyable (no theory to learn!)

  • All lessons are taught one-to-one and in-person

  • They are done fully clothed (loose-fitting trousers work best)

  • We can discuss your individual needs and decide on a course of lessons during the introductory lesson

*STAT = Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique


  • Introductory lesson (75-90 minutes) : £60

  • Individual lessons £40

  • Block of five individual lessons: £190

  • Block of ten individual lessons: £360

  • Gift vouchers available

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You are very welcome to get in touch, to ask any questions you may have.


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