Are you suffering with back pain?

Along with my own anecdotal evidence gathered from many of my pupils, a year-long study done in 2008 showed that Alexander Technique really can give long term help and relief from back pain,

The study compared a group of people with chronic lower back pain - some who had a series of Alexander lessons whilst another group had regular massage and another group didn’t have either.

Not only did the group having Alexander lessons have statistically significant improvement in their lower back pain by the end of the course of lessons, they were the only group to be found to have lasting improvements when they were followed up a year later.

I used to wake up creaking like an old staircase. While learning the Technique, the morning aches disappeared. As my work involves a lot of lifting, my back pain was especially worrying. Through the classes my back has improved greatly. I feel that learning the Alexander Technique has helped my future as well as my present. Apart from being beneficial, the classes are enjoyable. It would be hard to find a teacher more informed and dedicated than Penny and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
— James Carroll - Furniture Maker

British Medical Journal Back Pain Study

This short (9 minute) video summarises the results of a major back pain study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008*. The study showed that the Alexander Technique was highly effective in treating back pain. There have more recently been follow-up studies that confirm this result.

For eight years I had constant back pain of varying degrees due to spinal disc problems and narrowing of the spinal canal. I had deteriorated so much that I could only walk short distances with a stick. I had also lost all my confidence. None of the treatments through orthodox channels helped in any way.
I do not remember what led me to the Alexander Technique but I knew from the very first lesson with Penny that this was a worthwhile technique to pursue. In a short time I began to notice some changes such as less pain and the big breakthrough came in a few months. As I reached for my stick I suddenly realised that I did not need it. I just could not believe it.
It is now nine months since that day and I have maintained a gradual improvement. I have times of being pain free and I no longer require pain killers. I am convinced that if I had not discovered the Alexander Technique I would probably now be housebound.
— Gwenda Jones - Retired Nurse
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*Randomised controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain: economic evaluation BMJ 2008; (Published 11 December 2008)