You have a relationship - partner, family, friend, colleague - where communication has got stuck. You are at risk of losing connection completely.

You know that it should be possible to express your needs but somehow emotions get in the way.

If this is you, I can help you.


When a conversation stalls, finding the right support may be crucial to moving forward. Come and share your story and let me help you restore connections.

Through slowing down and listening deeper - beyond the reactive, scared parts of you,  you can begin to hear and connect to your deeper needs and longings, which will begin to open up your creative flow again so that the next steps can reveal themselves.


Penny gave us a calm and caring environment to open up to each other... discussing topics which can be very challenging to broach alone. She used her skills to help us focus on key issues and empathise with each other.
— Llinos and Thomas


What was my inspiration for Restorative Conversations?

The driving force behind my desire to understand how I could improve connections was my family relationships - especially my loving husband and beautiful daughter. How could we love each other so much and yet there be times when our hearts were closed to each other? What could I do when it appeared to be the behaviour of the other that was causing the problem!  I had lots to learn!

It was when I discovered the work of Marshall Rosenberg - internationally known as NVC - that I began to find some answers. The journey was difficult at times, wonderfully inspiring at others and incredibly rich. I slowly began to listen to my thoughts with more compassion, take self-responsibility for my needs rather than expecting others to meet them. The crazy thing was, that as I did this, others had more willingness to contribute to me!

Today I have amazing relationships with my family and I can truthfully say that my heart rarely closes to them.

What did I learn?

I discovered that beyond our thoughts are feelings and needs that all humans share and a world of possibility that I was previously blind to because of my well-meaning but limiting assumptions. 

My sister and I approached Penny to help us resolve a long-standing relationship difficulty. She held a space for us to navigate previously difficult subjects in a way that we both felt heard and supported. As a result of her calm, professional and compassionate presence we were able to say things to each other that had remained unsaid for too many years and then move on to a new and much more open footing with each other.

Many thanks, Penny, I really appreciate your help and I would recommend you to anyone.
— Eva

Longing for better conversations in your life?

I will help you get in touch with your deeper longings as you embrace your thoughts and discover that these are simply code for deeply important needs of yours. Once you understand and acknowledge your needs you will have many more choices available to you and a better compass to guide you through life’s challenges. You can also have the kind of conversations you know are possible but had previously eluded you.


Restoring Connections - Summer Camp | Penny Spawforth

Penny’s guidance led me into a process of engaging with my fears, leading me into the heart of my experience and some of the roots of my fear, gently guiding me out into a place of greater connection.
— Reece Hughes

Sessions can be in-person or online


Based near Llandysul in SW Wales,

We overlook the entrance to the river Teifi gorge surrounded by woodland, wildlife and birds. The house has historic connections to the spinning and weaving industry of another era and helps provide the backdrop for a restorative experience.


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